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Increase your depth of light more than ever with MarScaper HDR and create photorealistic HDR images in seconds!

Gestion de calques avec MarScaper HDR


Cameras have made great strides with the advent of digital technology. Despite this advancement, they are still far from matching the capacity of adaptability of the human eye when faced with very strong variations of light. In the computing age, the concept of HDR, which was born in the days of film photography, spread: HDR is software that combines several photographs of the same scene with different exposures to cover a greater dynamic range of light (High Dynamic Range).

By using the power of modern computers to gather and compile data, it has become possible to recreate photographs similar to what our eyes see. But it must still be done well. A paradox, today HDR is almost systematically assimilated to a nearly surreal artistic photo expression. If this allows for much creativity, many photographers turn away from HDR for lack of gaining any benefit from it.

It was with this idea that MarScaper HDR was born in order to offer a fast, intelligent, practical tool, conscious of a photorealistic rendering of quality:
-Fast because it is optimized and it uses all the power of the machine at its disposal: multicore processors and even more.
-Intelligent because it analyzes every pixel of every image to extract the best result.
-Practical because it was specifically studied for this task.
-Conscious of a photorealistic rendering of quality because it was designed by a passionate photographer.

Software specifications:
- HDR composition with 2 up to 100* bracketed pictures.
- Real-time photorealistic HDR engine.
- Real-time visualization of your bracketed pictures. 
- Intelligent HDR fusion for a gorgeous rendering. 
- Automatic and manual image alignment. 
- Simple and intuitive render adjustment.
- Brush editing with exposure blending directly on your HDR images*.
- Other brush editing: exposure, contrast, and saturation*.
- Undo/Redo support.
- Import all RAW formats accepted by OSX. 
- Export TIFF (8bits and 16 bits), jpeg or png. 
- No loss of EXIF data and color profiles.
- Fullscreen mode.
- Graphics tablets supported*.
- Batch processing*.

*Lite version limitations:
- 5 bracketed images max.
- No brush editing with exposure blending directly on your HDR images.
- No batch processing.

Software requirements:
- OS X 10.7 or higher.
- 64 bit processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or higher).

Customer reviews:
Definitely ‘the-one-to-possess’!The guy/gal? behind this fine specialist app is keen on improving an already excellent HDR tool.He/She leaves plenty of scope for user tweaks (though defaults are already satisfactory).
Alan of Runcorn
I purchased this app (version 1.0) on impulse, and am very happy that I did. It does exactly as it claims: takes your bracketed photos and combines them quickly (well, it’s quick on my late 2013 MacBook Pro) into a usable HDR of your pics.
It is nice to have someone who can design, develop and code who is also a photographer!
Much appreciated all your hard work. All good design that looks so simple and easy to work with is so much more effort and it's appreciated!
I’d say this developer has a winner on his hands.
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